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Your Dreams Matter

At Argallus Financial Group we specialize in financial solutions and insurance protection for families, individuals and employers.

Through personal, one on one attention we assist our clients in choosing the right policies so they can take full advantage of them each time they’re needed.

Retirement Planning

At Argallus Financial Group, we know you want to be able to retire in comfort. To do that, you need a plan that provides a stable and growing income that lasts all the years of your retirement.


Wealth Management

Portfolio management is the art and science of selecting and overseeing a group of investments that meet the long-term financial objectives and risk tolerance of a client, a company, or an institution.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual's asset base in the event of their incapacitation or death. The planning includes the bequest of assets to heirs and the settlement of estate taxes. Most estate plans are set up with the help of an attorney experienced in estate law.

Debt Reduction

Debt relief can ease the burden of overwhelming debt, but it's not right for everyone. Argallus Financial Group has options to explore.

Term Life Insurance

Provides affordable, temporary coverage. The premium is often the least expensive of all types of life insurance because the premium amount is level for a limited term.

Universal Life Insurance

Combines death benefit protection with the opportunity to grow cash value based upon the upward movement of stock market indexes – without the risk of investing directly in the market.

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense is a whole life insurance policy designed to pay off these expenses upon death and enables families to properly grieve their loved ones without the burden of large debts or unplanned costs.

Mortgage Protection

With the proper coverage, you can rest easy knowing your family will never lose their home, even if an unthinkable tragedy should occur.

Health Insurance

Individual and family health insurance plans can help cover expenses in the case of serious medical emergencies, and help you and your family stay on top of preventative health-care services.

Employee Benefits

Providing health insurance as a small business is a great way to hire and retain excellent employees. The Affordable Care Act currently requires small businesses to offer health insurance, if they have 50 or more full-time workers. If certain small businesses fail to provide health insurance to employees, they may be subject to fines.


Do you qualify for Medicare? You might have Medicare plan options beyond the federal program, Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). Find out about Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplement plans.

Disability Insurance

Your paycheck helps you maintain your current way of life. If you find yourself unable to work, our disability insurance will provide cash to help ease the financial stress of a covered illness or injury.

Dental & Vision Plans

Dental insurance plans usually cover basic and preventive dental care, such as checkups

Vision insurance plans may cover checkups and help pay the costs of glasses or contact lenses

Critical Illness Insurance

Use our critical illness insurance to help with the treatment costs of life-changing illnesses and health events, so you can stay focused on recuperation.

Dementia & Long Term Care

 LTC is a variety of services which help meet both the medical and non-medical needs of people with a chronic illness or disability who cannot care for themselves for long periods.  LTC can be provided at home, in the community, in assisted living facilities or in nursing homes.

Hospital Indemnity

Our hospital insurance helps with the expenses not covered by major medical, which can help prevent high deductibles and out‐of‐pocket expenses from derailing your life plans.

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